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Like so many others, we were very sad to hear that the Children’s Food Trust would be closing in September 2017, and didn’t want to see all their great work come to an end. We are therefore delighted to be the new home for Let’s Get Cooking and the Learning Network. We agree with the Trust’s vision that if children eat better, they do better, and are committed to taking that forward and ensure a lasting legacy for their work.

You may find that parts of the website no longer work exactly as before, or that some parts are closed at the moment. We’ll be adding to and updating the website in the coming months, but as you can imagine we need some time to get to grips with everything.

If you are looking for Eat Better, Start Better or the Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings, they now sit with our friends at Action for Children. We’re sure they’re going to do a fantastic job with these important programmes. You can find them here: Action for Children

A little bit about us

The BDA represents the whole of the UK’s dietetic workforce. We are a trade union and professional body representing the professional, educational, public and workplace interests of our members. Founded in 1936, we are one of the oldest and most experienced dietetic organisations in the world. Membership is open to anyone working in dietetics, in nutrition, or who has an interest in diet or food, throughout the world.

Promoting health and wellbeing is the core purpose of the BDA, and we have a vision to ensure that dietitians are recognised as leaders in diet and nutrition matters. Delivering Let’s Get Cooking and the Learning Network will be key ways in which we realise this vision.


A huge opportunity and huge challenge

We recognised that agreeing to take on Let’s Get Cooking and the Learning Network is a big commitment, but we are enormously excited about the opportunity this gives us to have a really positive impact on children’s health.

The UK still faces a crisis in child health, with the World Obesity Forum recently estimating that 3.28 million schoolchildren will be overweight or obese by 2025 unless we act now. Cooking and nutrition skills lie at the very heart of tackling obesity, and so the aims and priorities of Let’s Get Cooking and the Learning Network remain as relevant as ever.

If you are interested in working with us on this exciting journey, please get in touch. All our contact details are at available at the top of the page.
Here’s to an exciting future

Sian O’Shea RD
Chairman, British Dietetic Association


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