The Children’s Food Trust closed in September 2017 but we are proud to leave as part of our legacy, our flagship programme – Let’s Get Cooking.

Let’s Get Cooking was this country’s largest network of healthy cooking clubs for children and their families.

We found that when children eat better, they do better. So we were all about inspiring children to learn to cook and enjoy good food, we gave them the confidence and skills they needed to get hands-on in the kitchen and make healthier food choices throughout their lives.

First set up in 2007, our first 5,000 clubs were created in schools and – supported with Big Lottery funding – reached more than 3 million people.

Our clubs were run by a network of thousands of volunteer club leaders and helpers. We supported all of these Let’s Get Cooking champions by offering recipes, advice, expert training and practical resources.

And by sharing our expertise with many other organisations across the country including The Tesco Eat Happy ProjectThe Prince’s Trust, The People’s Health Trust, Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation, WRAP and various primary care trusts, we supported the delivery of cooking activities to help even more young people and adults to get cooking.

Let’s Get Cooking by numbers: Story of Let's Get Cooking

Our clubs ran 235,000 Let’s Get Cooking sessions for children, young people and their families across the country. That’s a whole lot of ingredients and washing up!
We trained almost 11,500 club leaders and helpers.

Almost all of our club members (92%) said they used their new cooking skills again at home, and more than half (56%) eat a healthier diet after they learned to cook with us.

We reached more than 3 million people with healthier cooking skills so far.

What our club coordinators said about Let’s Get Cooking:

“Our club is not just about eating healthily but having fun with food, learning new stuff and overcoming barriers, trying things for the first time, with their friends and without pressure, learning where food comes from. Let’s Get Cooking is changing lives – how amazing is that?”

“A three-year-old boy at our club is our mini tornado – he just can’t sit still and it can be difficult to get him to focus on anything. When he puts on an apron he transforms into a different child. It makes him feel proud when he’s helped cook something.”

“The children leave here with new skills and for me the real impact we have on these pupils is giving them independence and the ability to choose healthy foods.”

“We’ve benefited from fantastic training and resources which we’ve been able to share with the whole school.”

“For me it’s all about inspiring the next generation to be passionate about food. Especially those children that come in to the club and list all the things they don’t like and then enthusiastically eat something off that list by the end of the first class!”

What children said about Let’s Get Cooking:

“I like preparing food from the start and I know what’s in food now. I like to try new things and I’m not scared anymore, even if I don’t like the look of it.”

“Let’s Get Cooking is epic because you get to have fun and cook. The Greek Salad was my favourite because we got to do lots of chopping.”

“I like trying more food now, even stuff I didn’t like before. The stuff we cook tastes good!”

“I really love cooking and find it lots of fun. I now know how to make many different dishes and have cooked for my mum and dad at home.”

What parents said about Let’s Get Cooking:

“Let’s Get Cooking has helped me build up friendships with other parents. I’ve learnt new dishes like mini quiche, healthy muffins and curry, I enjoy cooking now. Let’s Get Cooking is marvellous, absolutely marvellous.” Kelli-Anne, parent.